Live. Living in the moment, living each day as it comes, living for now.. That is the goal for the year! I have spent many years wishing them away looking forward to things far in the future, what I should’ve been doing was stopping in the moment and appreciating what was right there and then.

Love. Spread it. With love comes the feeling of happiness, security and belonging. Learn to love yourself, love the little things in life that make you happy and love those around you!

Travel. The world is an open book, why wouldn’t you want to read it? Travelling the world is one of the greatest experiences you can have and you can give your family! A memory of a holiday is far more rewarding than material things.

Hi, I’m an avid traveler, a loving wife, an accountant by trade and a mother to two gorgeous babies; S who is an independent, bright and beautiful 3 year old girl and M who is a smiley and happy 8 month old boy. We reside in the worlds most livable city, Melbourne, Australia! My goal in life isn’t to have expensive cars or lots of money, its to travel with my family, show them as much of the world as I can, show them how other people live and get a feel for other cultures. The best investment in life is investing in time with your kids and family and sharing priceless moments together.

I LIVE for my kids and family and enjoy simple pleasures in life. I am currently on a “Live better” journey which has seen me transform myself by 22 kgs and enjoying healthier and happier foods.

I LOVE all things Melbourne, the cafe scene, the football, the beautiful parks and rivers and everything this diverse city has to offer. I also love sharing these things with friends and family.

I TRAVEL as much as possible, even if its only local road trips, day trips and weekends away! We recently did a 3 week road trip of the West Coast of America; sunny California! Stay tuned for the blog to follow!


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