Over the past 25 years, Dubai has transformed itself from a bunch of deserted traditional Bedouin, fish trading communities to an ultra modern happening cosmopolitan city. Under the leadership of their beloved king his highness Shaikh Makhtoum, who envisioned the present Dubai several decades ago and worked relentlessly towards the development of the region.

Accomodation in Dubai
Deciding where to stay in Dubai is not at all a problem. Almost the entire city has good, better and best hotels, apartments and restaurants in Dubai. So choose your accommodation depending on what exactly you are doing in Dubai. If you are on an official visit to attend some kind of meeting or seminar, make sure you stay near to your venue, as traffic in Dubai is just next to London.

Lively and exhilarating Dubai events
The emirate has successfully developed into becoming a business hub in the region with myriads of exciting and lively Dubai events that serves as an attraction to many fun-loving tourists and travelers. Middle East events that continue to capture the hearts of many people, both young and old, have also had major contributions to the emirates GDP growth over the recent years.

Dubai Restaurants
Dubai is now a cosmopolitan city with over 85% of residents being expatriates from different countries. Most of them are from other GCC, Far East countries and Indian Subcontinent. But a large community of western ethnicity also resides here. Visitors and Tourists are mostly from Europe, Australia, US and other GCC countries. It is for this reason that Dubai has a huge network.Experience the Dubai shopping paradise

The Dubai shopping experience is indeed a shopper’s paradise. Dubai mall shopping, the Dubai shopping festival and duty free shopping in Dubai count as some of the innumerable and exciting shopping activities every traveler would want to engage in. A great number of Dubai mall centers have long Dubai shopping hours to keep every shopping experience unforgettable.


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